How to start a business online if you do not know what to sell

Sure you have more than once thought about starting an Internet business, but what holds you back is not knowing what products or services could sell, or worse: if there will be customers who will buy what you offer or not.

In this guest article you will learn step by step to find the pain points of your potential customers in order to create a successful online venture. Do not miss it!

You know that the Internet works, it is no mystery. But knowing that is not enough, it happens that many readers of my site: top11binaryoptions become the following question: what I can sell?

Although all people are different actually we look the same in this changing world.

People spend their money on products, companies and brands only for two reasons: they need products to combat pain and bring the relentless pursuit of pleasure.

That's what companies, brands, products or services.

When someone sells a product to lose weight is touching your point of pain; when someone sells you a travel package is giving you the pleasure of a good holiday.

We are going to focus on the first, identify the point of pain to sell the solution.

As is more specific point of pain or problem your customer more likely you are to connect them to buy your product.

In the book "Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion", Robert Cialdini gives us a clear example of why it is good to use the fear of loss for customers to buy.

A study was made to homeowners. two separate notices were sent saying:
  • "If you isolate your house completely, you earn 50 cents"
  • "Without the complete isolation of his home, they lost 50 cents"
  • After making the study established that people are 150% more likely to isolate your house if they know they lose money. The conclusion is clear: people are more motivated by fear of loss than the hope of winning.

    We do not want to face fears.

    For this reason many are locked into their comfort zone, comfortable know they are there, they have nothing to lose.

    Instead, the fact of leaving the area to find the pursuit of pleasure makes it go into an environment of uncertainty that keeps us from safety and security away there is the fear of not knowing the future.

    Many prefer to stay in their job sad knowing that they will not lose out to find their way to find pleasure in things you like.

    But we are here in a site that tries to get us out of our comfort zone looking for different ways to start an online business to get out of the traditional and boring world.

    For these conclusions must find a market to help identifying a point of pain.

    It is much more likely to look the problem with a hearing and based on this research find ways to help. In this way we can start an Internet business solving any particular pain.

    So I discovered what business start


    There is no point if I myself explain something that does not apply. I identified a customer and pain.

    I try to help my site to people who are doing what society says study at university, work at the same time and after a while realize that is not what they want.

    That is, they are unhappy with their current job and can not find ways out of this situation.

    Starting an Internet business

    Many people who study and when received do not know what to do with their professional life. The same happened to me.

    I know the situation and know how to work for people who are going through this process knows what to do. My solution is to use your knowledge to start a site to help a particular audience. We are all good at something.

    As we said no to touch sore spots, the more specific the better. Particularly the point of pain that attacked is: are you in a job you do not like?

    Ask your audience to tune the point of pain

    The next step is to identify or ask your client who is in that situation what is fighting or what their greatest fear. Actually you have to do is listen, and based on what you say to help you create content.

    The more you know your customer, the more you can help. The more aid, more generate trust, which are more receptive to buy your products.

    And how do I start this? Simple, identifying a point of pain and starting to help.

    What pain points exist to start an Internet business?

    It is a very broad question. There are many points of pain, but I want to be a little more specific for you to understand how.

    If you want to start an Internet business you need to check if people really are searching online. How to know if people actually search the Internet about this problem?

    With free tools that let us know in advance to make efforts not in vain. It is very easy, you only have to go to Planner and Google keyword search.

    Starting an Internet business

    On the other side you should be creating that keyword oriented content. If you do it this way you have high chances of people to interact with your content.

    If you make an article to help control anxiety will be adding value. And so people trust is the basis of any personal or business relationship.

    You do not have to ask what should you sell more rather try to find points of pain and that it will tell you what you should sell.

    Of course, everything you do must be related purely and simply with what you like.

    To learn how to start an Internet business you have to aim at a topic that you are passionate about, not try to find the most profitable niche.

    In every niche there is a millionaire, all niches are profitable depending on the work you are willing to make, and when you have to do your passion, you'll do the impossible.

    How to identify pain points based on your passion

    As you know we also have a fervent constant search for pleasure. And to start an Internet business have to rely on our passion. Otherwise there will bring the value you need the audience.

    We are all good at something, you just have to find it. Think about what you would like to help.

    Business with a solid foundation in helping others are the ones who succeed.

    It is helping to trust. Not to sell to trust. If you sell just before setting the bond of trust most likely not sell.

    If you can read this article that talks about marketing and its evolution can understand a little more what I'm talking about.

    3 steps to start your business online

    internet business

    1. Identify the point of pain

    Simple, if you came to these lines you know what I'm talking about. You feel fear of not knowing how much pain attack. Be afraid thinking that you can not help, you're not trained.

    It is a way to sabotage your own success, we all have that voice in your head that tells you that something will go wrong But you know what?

    The only way to beat a fear and win, is to face it.

    If you only think you could go wrong and you do not try, fear won. If you face it, you can lose, but surely you will have gained much more than to not try.

    There are many stories of successful entrepreneurs who tried and won. Fear can not beat you in battle, there is one thing you're good at, is that it identifies the point of pain and begins to help.

    2. Research keywords

    Researching keywords refers to know how they seek your products or services to customers. In doing this work you will understand the needs of your audience and how to create content that can help that need.

    You'll be learning in each keyword research. You'll learn about your audience. The more you learn, the more help and more profits for your business.

    Many try to skip this step and create content that can help but think ... why do it that way if I can check it quickly?

    Many do so because they do not know, but now you understand.

    To know more I invite you to read the following article where I try to detail everything you need to know about keywords.

    3. Create and share content

    If you identified the point of pain and how you can help, you made research relevant keywords, one can only meet the needs of your audience by creating content that helps.

    Knowing what customers want, you know the kind of content you need to create. Understands as the most important content of your site Why?

    It's all about content: a product is content, content service, an advertisement is content, all content is tangible as intangible.

    You can identify a point of pain and make the best keyword research, but if your content sucks stay on the road.

    You need to create great content. This will give you confidence, and you know what makes trust.

    Share everything you know, original know, find the best way to create real content that helps your audience. Remember, content is key.


    Starting a business online is not as difficult as it seems, you only need to jump in and work hard.

    Hundreds and thousands of people want to create a site but only a few do.

    The action is a friend of results, many readers were long to give birth to our project. Or read many blog sites is a vice.

    But if you just do that without accompanying action, you can do so for many more years without seeing results, albeit with a lot of knowledge in your head without applying What is the use?

    And you, and do you have identified your pain point? Leave me a comment below to know what you think.